A Project Management Ebook worths to read

Project Management Ebook

This book teaches you how to take a project from start to finish and, using your own techniques and management style, complete the project. Whether you work as a project manager or have a bunch of unfinished projects on your plate, Project Management Made Easy! will help you.

1) This book will help you whether you have a project that you are trying to complete that is daunting or are in charge of projects at work. If you look at every task as a chore, you can learn how to manage them much easier with the skills taught in this book.

2) Instead of worrying about how you are going to complete a project, you can do so easily when you use this book. You will learn how to use your own personality to its fullest with the tools in this book.

Project Management Made Easy Ebook – Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Creating a Project Management Methodology

Chapter 3. Where does the buck stop?

Chapter 4. Can you manage your self out of a paper bag

Chapter 5. Setting the stage for a successful project

Chapter 6. The importance of Developing and Maintaining a Budget

Chapter 7. Taking action – Execution of a Plan

Chapter 8. Rules to Manage by…

Chapter 9. Your personality and Project Management Style

Chapter 10. The cycle of Decision Making

Chapter 11. Getting your project back on track

Chapter 12. Keep in moving

Chapter 13. Problems and Solutions

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Original Article: A Project Management Ebook worths to read

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