Engineering Management Scholarships

Engineering Management Scholarships

An Engineering Management degree can bring graduates a whole host of opportunities within the job market. Someone with this degree will typically find their way into a career where they are managing the latest in technology and engineering which could encompass a variety of industries from concrete to communications to heavy machinery. If this challenging field sounds like the career path you want to take, then you will need some financial assistance in paying for this ambitious educational endeavor.

National Association Scholarships

The National Society of Professional Engineers offers a scholarship for graduate students studying Engineering Management at the master degree level. It is called the Professional Engineers in Government (PEG) and any engineering intern or current licensed Professional Engineer from any type of field is encouraged to apply. Monetary awards are usually $2,500 for one year.

The American Welding Society offers a number of national scholarships with one geared specifically for students in graduate school studying for an Engineering Management degree with an emphasis in the welding industry. This scholarship is called the Hypertherm International HyTech Leadership Scholarship. Eligible applicants should have a Bachelor of Science degree or at least be in their senior year of college. Grade point averages should not be below 2.8 out of 4.0. Priority is given to those applicants who display financial need. The monetary award is $2,500 for a year.

Foundation Scholarship Funding

The Florida Engineering Foundation offers a scholarship funded through ACEC, the American Council of Engineering Companies and supports students who plan to study Engineering Management. Qualified applicants must be studying for a Bachelor’s degree and be in their third, fourth or fifth year of schooling. In addition, eligible students must be U. S. citizens. The scholarship is for $1,000 for a year and also offers a chance to be considered for a national ACEC scholarship of $5,000.

The Miami University Paper Science and Engineering Foundation, at Miami University, offers scholarships to Engineering Management students who have a proven track record of academic excellence. Cumulative grade point averages determine the value of the awarded scholarships that must be used towards tuition and other university fees. First year college students are welcome to apply and must supply the requisite ACT or SAT scores as well as their high school grade point average. Upperclassmen can apply as long as they have enrolled in at least twelve hours in the engineering department and have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better.

University Scholarship Opportunities

The University of North Carolina-Asheville offers two scholarships in which Engineering Management students are eligible. With both opportunities, students who display financial need and academic achievement will be considered first:

  • The Mortimer Kahn Management Scholarship requests that a student must have already declared their major and be a resident of North Carolina.
  • The Amanda Massey Memorial Scholarship specifies preference to students who are graduates of North Buncombe High School, but will consider others as well. To be eligible, students must also show outstanding service to the community or university. In addition, any students who are members of the IFC or Pan-Hellenic organizations are also front running candidates for the scholarship.

The University of Missouri-Rolla presents the Robert and Linda Mueller Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship which is available to students who declare Engineering Management as their major with an emphasis in Manufacturing Engineering. Monetary awards vary and are based on scholastic achievement and level of involvement in university activities.

Kansas State University offers a scholarship to distance education students studying for their Master’s degree in Engineering Management. The Robert F. Sykes Scholarship is geared towards students who have been accepted and are enrolling in the distance education Master’s program through Kansas State University. Eligible students must have graduated with a Bachelor degree from a university with an accredited engineering department, worked in a professional capacity for at least a year as an engineer and have at least a 3.5 grade point average.

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Engineering Management Scholarships

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