Foreign investment to reach new high of $16 bln – Đầu tư trực tiếp nước ngoài FDI lập kỷ lục 16 tỷ đô la Mỹ

Over US$15 billion worth foreign direct investment flowed into the country in the first 11 months as investors gained more confidence in the booming economy, an official said yesterday.

This is easily higher than the full-year figure of $12.2 billion last year – then a record – and Phan Huu Thang, director of the Foreign Investment Department, attributed the jump to the government’s efforts to improve the investment climate.

Vietnam’s admission to the World Trade Organization this year too was a factor, he said.

South Korea tops the list of foreign investors in the 11 months to December, having committed investments of $3.7 billion.

The British Virgin Islands came next with $3.5 billion and Singapore with $1.55 billion, Thang said.

He added that the full-year figure would top $16 billion.

Thang was speaking at an investment seminar in Hanoiwhich sought to promote investment by Malaysian businesses in the capital and 31 northern provinces.

Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Bich Dat told the seminar that the government was committed to a transparent roadmap for opening its market.

Vietnam has attracted more than 8,000 foreign investment projects worth $80 billion since 1988.

It expects an 8.5 percent economic growth rate this year (Source: VNA).

Construction English/ Tiếng Anh Xây Dựng

3 Responses

  1. FDI to reach new high of 16 $billion but The State bank of Vietnam don’t have a flexible monetary policy so inflation is increasing. The state bank must to buy USD but the high exchange rate between USD and VND is advantageous to our export. To keep prices stable is big broblem! 🙂

  2. Price’s increasing day by day and out of control of the Government, what are they doing? Nothing, just talk and talk without any meaning.

  3. Inflation get highest rate over past 11 years! Hope that FDI could improve the situation next year 🙂

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