Your CV or Resume In English – Lý lịch xin việc tiếng Anh

When you apply for a job, employers ask for two important documents:

  1. A CV or resume
  2. A covering letter

This post we look at your CV. Next post we will look at your covering letter.

Why you need a good CV

Your CV is a summary of your professional and academic life. It usually concentrates on your personal details, education and work experience.

Your CV’s job is very simple: to get you a job interview. To do this, your CV must be:

  • clear
  • well-organised
  • easy to read
  • concise
  • relevant to the job offered


You should include everything that is relevant to your employment or career and nothing that is irrelevant. There are usually 5 general headings of information to include:

  1. Personal details: name, address, email and telephone number (and sometimes nationality, age/date of birth and marital status)
  2. Objective: a headline that summarises the job you want
  3. Work experience: your employment in reverse chronological order
  4. Education: details of secondary and university education
  5. Personal interests: showing that you are a well-balanced person with an interesting life outside work

Sometimes, you may need to give additional information for a particular job or because you have special qualifications.


In the English-speaking world your CV should be word-processed, for several reasons:

  • a hand-written CV is unprofessional
  • some recruitment agencies and employers like to scan CVs electronically
  • it will be easier for you to update and modify your CV later

It is usually best to limit your CV to a maximum of 2 pages. You can usually put everything you need on 1 or 2 pages.


There are basically 2 standard paper sizes, depending on your part of the world:

  • A4 (297 x 210 millimetres) – as used in Europe
  • Letter Size (8 1/2 x 11 inches) – as used in the United States


Your language should be simple and clear.

Use short words and short sentences.

Do not use technical vocabulary (unless you are sure that the reader will understand it).

Talk about concrete facts (“I increased sales by 50%”), not abstract ideas (“I was responsible for a considerable improvement in our market position”).

Use verbs in the active voice, not passive voice. Which of these two sentences do you think is the more powerful?

  • active: “I organised this exhibition.”
  • passive: “This exhibition was organised by me.”

Use “power words”. The most powerful words are verbs. And the most powerful verbs are action verbs. (Action verbs describe dynamic activity, not state).

Here, for example, are some typical power words for Management and Sales skills:

  • Management skills: assign, attain, chair, co-ordinate, delegate, direct, execute, organise, oversee, plan, recommend, review, strengthen, supervise, train
  • Sales skills: sell, convert, close, deal, persuade, highlight, satisfy, win over, sign

So you should use lots of action verbs matched to your skills, and use them in the active form, not the passive form.

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  1. Very proffesional way! I may try it (in the future, not now) Hi hi 😀
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Good instruction!
    Can you give me som template of these?

  3. I ‘m very appreciated if you post a some example CV for Civil/construction engineering, or a geotechnical engineering (because i’m a geotechnical engineering). Thanks!

  4. I will post some templates of CV (not only for one job), then you can modify for your own application.

    Coming soon in a coupe of days.
    Thanks and regards.

  5. HI hungsika
    Awesome site
    Another gr8 work man.Your site very good maintained and another piece of brilliant work.
    Keep it up!

  6. I think that this web is very useful for Everyone who is going to graduate, who has just graduated or who is looking for a better job! We will be able to get something what we need on it.
    Thank so much!

  7. I regret that I’v just known this web until now. I wish I could have known sooner!

  8. General Biographical Information

    Amirhossein Najafi
    Live in Iran-Tehran
    Cell: 0098-09354287255
    Academic Background

    I am studying in M.S Civil Engineering- Earthquake engineering in (Oloom-Tahghighat) University in Iran-Tehran 2007.
    E.B Civil Engineering in (Azad Islamic- kashan ) university 2006.

    To be active on construct the underground subway station (Dardasht) in Tehran.
    To be active on consulting Engineers (Peyman-Atrak).
    To be active on civil Engineering services (Moghavemsazan-jamee).
    To be active on (Rayansazeh (products civil engineering software)) and Design Algorithms of designing (steel connections) of their software’s (SAZEHNEGAR) and consulting about design .

    Teaching design & analysis software (sap 200).
    Teaching programming software (visual basic 6).

    Software to take into consideration

    Design and Analysis: SAP2000- ETABS2000 –SAFE-Section Builder CSIcol
    Earthquake: Seismosignal- Wismap – Seishap
    Architect: Aoutocad
    Programming: Visual basic 6-Matlab-Simulink-Delphi-pasqal-Fortran.
    Other: office word, Corel Draw,Doc2chm …
    Educational activity

    Construct Software for drawing topographic map and export it to DXF format (Topodraw).
    Construct Software for design Rigid Connection.
    Construct Software for draw spectra of standard 2800 and export it to ETABS input format.
    Construct Software for Hazard Risk Analysis.
    Construct Software for scaling the spectra of site to spectra of standard 2800.
    Research on Construct Software for Dynamic Analysis for example Time history and spectral Analysis for single And multi degree of freedom construction.
    Research on effects on axial link that resting between 2stare frame and 4stare frame and Dynamic analysis for this system.
    Research on seismic improvement and relief of concrete construction
    Research on dynamic and static effect of moving load on single span bridge .
    Research on dynamic effect of vehicle on single span bridge by Finite element .
    Research on Hazard risk analysis on Iran-Esfahan .

    Non-journal Articles

    Demonstrate a formula on Moment-Distribution method.
    Demonstrate a formula for determine value and center of a polygon with n sides intersect with a space plane for draw interaction curve for base plate ASD design applying biaxial bending.

    Present research

    Inspection and comparison between ASCE 7 & Iranian code of practice for seismic resistant design of buildings Standard no.2800-84.
    Research on seismic improvement construction.

    • Hi Dear Mr Najafi
      as i read ur perfect profile ,i can undrestand that u are one of the most professional person in yr major.
      In fact i have some problem in Matlab software and i am looking forward to one who can answer to me, i know it is so time consuming for u , but i can compensate it in any way that u want(i mean financially or scientifically ) .

      with best regards
      yr sincerely

  9. Thanks for sharing

  10. Các bạn tham khảo CV này của mình nhé.

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