Plans to build underground parking lots in HCMC delayed – Kế hoạch xây dựng bãi đỗ xe ngầm ở TP HCM bị trì hoãn

Plans to build under-ground parking lots in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) are being delayed, according to the Department of Transportation and Public Works.

In a press conference statement, Bureau of Traffic Management Deputy Chief Dau An Phuc said the city had planned to build eight underground parking lots in District 1.

The underground sites were Lam Son Square, Le Van Tam Park, the Saigon River’s banks, Chi Lang Park, Hoa Lu Stadium, Bach Tung Diep Park, September 23 Park and Tao Dan soccer stadium.

But the plans were still not final as there were problems stopping the start of construction.In September 2004, the HCMC People’s Committee contracted the Dong Duong Company to build the underground parking lot at Lam Son site, but the Transportation and Public Works Department disapproved the design plan, as the pro-posed parking lot cut into Hai Ba Trung Street and was too close to the Opera House.

For the parking lot in Le Van Tam Park, several city agencies and the subcontractor, Underground Space Investment Development Corporation (IUS), are still squabbling over plans and details with architects and tree preservation.

City agencies said the subcontractor must not remove trees and rejected the subcontractor’s alter-native of transplanting the trees.

However, several construction consultants from Germany and Japan said the project required open-digging instead of closed-digging.

Chairman and CEO of IUS, Le Tuan, said the lot will have about 1,925 parking spots and the company has faced approval difficulties.

If the city doesn’t allow open-digging, the entire project could be scrapped, he said.

“It might only take two years to finish building the parking lot,” Tuan said in frustration.

“But it can take up to five years to get all the approval needed. The cost to build the lot now has skyrocketed to VND1.3 trillion (US$81 million).”

The project has a commercial area with three underground floors and a parking area with five under-ground floors.

HCMC has only two parking lots, Lam Son Square and Ben Thanh Market, with only an 80-100 car capacity.

Recently, the Department of Transportation and Public Works issued a ban prohibiting cars from parking on 44 major streets and banned motorbike parking on sidewalks of 18 streets.

The ban has put an extra squeeze on the existing parking shortage in the city, increasing the need to build the underground car parks (

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  1. Always delay 😦

  2. Thanks!
    No underground parking lots so park on roadside and roadway. Terrible traffic jam!

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