Examining Strutural Failure Cases in the Classroom

Engineering students should be aware of the importance of good design and construction practices. Sometimes, this is the best learn by studying previous failures.

There are a number of ways that case studies can be used in courses, such as: the introduction of new topics; in-class example problems; and out-of-class homework assignments, projects, and research papers.

Introduction to the topics – What can happen if you neglect to consider a particular aspect of structural behavior or concrete technology? Did the importance of this behavior become clear when something failed? Student will be more interesting in a topic if they understand its importance from the beginning. The case study can often give student a better intuitive feeling for behavior of a particular structural system.

In-class example problems – Often, failure case studies can be used as in-class example problems. The case study must be presented so that the students are learning the point in question. By focusing on single issue, even complicated engineering concepts can be made understandable.

Homework and projects – For out-of-class assignments such as term paper or detailed analysis projects, students can be referred to books, papers or news articles. The instructor can provide references, or students may be required to locate them. These case studies can also be excellence ways to get students started in professional reading and research. One homework assignment could be for students to research a case, draw a free-body diagram of the structure and forces involved, and identify the structural principle involved in the design.

Failure case studies offer many potential benefits for engineering education. The reason for using them have been discussed in this article, but the main obstacle has been an absence of well-documented case studies.

Construction English/ Tiếng Anh Xây Dựng

(Mời các bạn tham gia dịch bài này. Xin cám ơn)

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