Hai Van Pass Tunnel


 The longest tunnel in South East Asia

It is a well known fact that the existing mountain paved road over the Hai Van Pass (difference in elevation: 475 m, Length: about 22 Km) is a series of steep gradient and hair pin curves due to its topography and is a bottle neck in constructing the South and North Traverse Expressway. As such, the Hai Van Tunnel Construction Project is planned and implemented to expect the economic repercussion effect produced by an upgrading function of the road as an artery of physical distribution as well as for the purpose of securing safe transport road. One of the characteristics of the project is that, as other contractors for mechanical and electrical works also engaged in the project under separate contracts do their work concurrently during construction of civil works, interface coordination with the works of other contractors had to be made and partial handing over of the completion of civil works was implemented. The work commenced on October 1, 2000 and the tunnel penetration ceremony was held on November 7, 2003. As of March, the contractor for mechanical and electrical works is making greater effort toward commencement of the service in May 2005 (Our tunnel civil works were completed at the end of 2004). On completion of the project, the Hai Van tunnel will become the longest tunnel in South East Asia (L=6.3 Km).

Tunnel technology transfer

The project is the construction of road tunnel using NATM method that is the first experience in Vietnam. In the circumstance that many other similar type of projects are planned in Vietnam, the Government of Vietnam had expected to learn the most up-to date tunneling technology through the construction of the Hai Van Pass Tunnel Project. The program for transfer of the tunneling technology has been incorporated in the project on the whole. On the Job Training (OJT) to learn the construction and consultant technologies and the NATM Training by especial curriculum were implemented by the consulting engineers and the contractors. We regarded it important that all workers were at all times cognizant of the importance of work program control and quality control as well as safety control that the contractor must adhere to, and conducted training as OJT of construction technology beginning from basic matters including transfer of message at times of morning’s safety meeting and day/ night shifting. We also inculcated the significance of ascertaining the essence of matters for local engineers, leaders of each work team as supervisors, by giving engineers’ short term course.

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