Job application form

Job application form -Đơn xin việc tiếng Anh

715 Dong Khoi St.,Ben Thanh Ward,
District No.1, Ho Chi Minh City
25 August 2007

The Personnel Manager,
ABC Construction Company.

Dear Sir,

Knowing that your Company has plans to set up the Site Office in DungQuat Oil Refinery Project, I am venturing to ask if there is a vacancy of site supervisor. If yes, I would like to apply for that position in the Company.

I was graduated from DaNang Polytechnics University – Civil Engineering Major, and Ha Noi Foreign Langague University – English Major.

I have 5 years experience as a site supervisor as you will see from the enclosed resume. I can work independently and under pressure.

I am very anxious to get into a famous company in order to fit myself for construction career. Should my application be successful, I will do my best to please you and the Company. I confident that the experience and knowledge that I have acquired will enable me to fulfill my duties.

I should be available to attend an interview at any time, which is convenient for you.

I look forwards to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

(with signature)

Construction English – Tiếng Anh Xây Dựng

6 Responses

  1. Thanks for helpful stuff!
    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for visiting 🙂
    Best regards!

  3. xin góp ý sửa lỗi từ vựng: langague-> language, forregin thành foreign.

  4. Thanks for your correction!
    Misspells corrected!
    Best lucks!

    Construction English

  5. I look forwards to hearing from you —-> I look forward to hearing from you ( bỏ “s” sau forward)

  6. cho mình góp ý xí nha, chỗ “I confident” mình nghĩ bạn sửa lại là ” I am confident” sẽ đúng hơn đó. hihi. thanx anyway nhé.

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